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Created 08/17/2021
Reference R0003465
Category Sales
Job type Experienced
Country Chile
City Antofagasta
Job Description Summary
Job Description Summary
General Field Sales work includes face-to-face and remote selling to both new and existing customers including: •Selling directly to the end consumer/business purchaser or indirectly through various sales channels •Assessing customer needs and suggesting appropriate products, services, and/or solutions •Developing and delivering sales bids, presentations, and proposals and conducting product demonstrations •Identifying and contacting prospective customers and building relationships to generate future sales and repeat business Incumbents matching to this specialization are compensated based on achievement of sales targets. An Experienced Professional (P2) applies practical knowledge of job area typically obtained through advanced education and work experience. May require the following proficiency: • Works independently with general supervision. • Problems faced are difficult but typically not complex. • May influence others within the job area through explanation of facts, policies and practices.
Job Description

The purpose of the position is to advise and commercialize the products and services of the company HE Parts International Chile SPA, in the different clients of mining, fishing, construction, forestry and energy, which are located nationwide, thus increasing sales for compliance with its strategic plan, all with a clear customer service orientation, delivering quality, trust and commitment, so as to achieve customer loyalty. The seller understands the importance of his role in the development of the business and in the administration of the contracts assigned to him, all in accordance with the Quality, Environmental, Safety and Health at Work policy, and the provisions of the Regulations. Internal Order, Hygiene and Safety. He must understand the importance of managing it in the production process, and maintain an attitude of service and teamwork.

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