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Inventory Analyst, Antofagasta

Created 08/02/2021
Reference R0003649
Category Warehouse
Job type Experienced
Country Chile
City Antofagasta



The purpose of the position is to analyze and control the inventory of the Company, all in accordance with the Quality, Environmental, Safety and Health at Work Policy, and the provisions of the Internal Regulation of Order, Hygiene and Safety.


1. Ensure the fulfillment of their work in accordance with the Quality, Environmental, Safety and Health Policy at Work and the provisions of the Internal Regulations of Order, Hygiene and Safety, to avoid accidents and develop the work in a healthy environment free of pollution.

2. Analyze and control all item movements in the Warehouse.

3. Carry out selective and cyclical inventories, especially those under the characteristics of type "A", "B" and "C", according to the company's schedule and procedure, and report the results to its direct Headquarters, within the established deadlines.

4. Promptly report to your Direct Headquarters and Head of Costs, all transactions of income and outputs, as news regarding the states, of inventories related to spare parts and Components.

5. Keep up-to-date the physical locations of items and Components in warehouses, yards and workshops; reporting them through Monthly Reports.

6. Enter import information to the company's ERP accounting system, to reflect stock of products recording the quantity and its respective location in the system and timely report any irregularities or problems it presents at the time of receipt.

7. Review and analyze the income of Part of Tickets, Dispatch Guides and invoices of national purchases to the ERP accounting system of the company, to reflect quantity, location and its subsequent control.

8. Check the status in which spare parts are received according to the policy of HEPI and Comex. If there are visible damages or obvious visible discrepancies, you must immediately communicate them to the technical area and operations, and the latter give the final determination of the entry or rejection of the order.

9. Ensure the timely dispatch of materials required by the internal client for repairs of Work Orders (OT) and CRC Work Orders (OTC).

10. Maintain tax and systemic documentary control of all movements of income and expenditures of materials from the warehouse, to maintain an adjusted inventory. (Example: dispatch guides, sales notes, proof of delivery of materials, copy of invoices, etc.).

11. Comply with the working days, recording your attendance on a daily basis in the book or watch control, and warn in a timely manner before possible inconveniences

12. Maintain an adequate personal presentation by wearing the corporate clothing delivered for such purposes.

13. Promote the good working environment within the team and cultivating the values of the company.

14. Maintain a service attitude to the requirements of internal customers.

15. Actively participate in those trainings and trainings that are required for the effective performance of the position.



• EDUCATIONAL LEVEL: Technical Education Medium Level or Technical higher level / related to the position.

•ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS: Class B-D driver's license (if warranted).

•WORK EXPERIENCE: At least 2 years of work experience according to the need of the position (desirable).



For the performance of their duties, the employee is required to move properly and safely.



The characteristics of the work environment described here are representative of those that an employee can encounter when performing the essential functions of this job. During the performance of the functions of this position, the employee is regularly exposed to:

1. Moving objects (materials transported through the forklift, pallet trucks, etc.).

2. Particles in the air, fumes and/or gases in suspension.

3. At noise levels.

4. Entrapment by equipment, blows with structures or tools.

5. Parts of moving equipment or systems powered by some type of energy and exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

6. Exposure to the environment of the roads and via area by exits to visits of clients.



1. Know and ensure compliance with the Quality, Environmental, Safety and Health at Work Policy established by the Company.

2. Know and ensure compliance with the legal regulations and procedures established in the Internal Regulations of Order, Hygiene and Safety.

3. He presents himself to his work in suitable physical conditions, so that he can respond to the physical requirements required for the performance of his duties.

4. Know and have completed the initial safety training.

5. Avoid and stop any activity that creates or poses an inherent risk to yourself or others while working at H-E Parts International Chile SPA.

6. Detect and report unsafe and dangerous conditions and actions in a timely manner to the direct headquarters, joint committee, risk prevention or the channel established by the Company.

7. Verify the status and proper use of personal protection elements according to their functions.

8. Act in a preventive manner, establishing self-care behaviors to maintain a health compatible with its functions.

9. Review and control the risks that exist in your work environment, maintaining a permanent attitude of care and caution. You must have your risk matrix identified.



1. Keep your job clean and tidy during and after the exercise of your work functions according to the Internal Regulations of Order, Hygiene and Safety and / or procedures of the Company.

2. Carry out segregation of solid and liquid hazardous waste in accordance with the provisions of current regulations and procedures of the Company.

3. Take care of and protect the company's assets, as well as safeguard the efficient use of energy, water and resources in general required for the operation according to the company's procedures, seeking the protection of the environment.

4. Participate in activities in its area of work such as trainings, trainings and programs aimed at the protection of the environment, quality and safety and compliance with the commitments assumed by the area, according to company procedures.



1. Perform the different works in accordance with the procedures of the Company and / or the manufacturer, in order to ensure a quality service.

Employer H-E Parts International

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