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Warehouse Administrative, Antofagasta

Created 06/18/2021
Reference R0003143
Category Manufacturing
Job type Customer Service & Contact Center Operations
Country Chile
State Antofagasta

POSITION SUMMARY: The purpose of the position is to support with the control of all income and outputs of materials to the central warehouse, inform and report the arrival of national and international materials, ensuring the correct fulfillment of their work,  in accordance with the  Quality, Environmental, Safety and Health At Work Policy and Internal Regulations of Order, Hygiene and Safety. It must also carry out cyclical inventories, maintaining documentary and systemic control ensuring a tight inventory. You must understand the importance of your management in the production process, maintaining a service attitude towards the requirements of the different areas, ensuring your satisfaction. 


ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS AND RESPONSIBILITIES:1.      Ensure the fulfillment of your work in accordance  with the Quality, Environmental, Safety and Health At Work Policy and the provisions of the Internal Regulations of Order, Hygiene and Safety, to avoid accidentability and develop work in a healthy and pollution-free environment.2.      Re-rotate revenue with input parts, ensuring that materials are reviewed in their entirety and quality.3.      Timely report differences found in warehouse materials,  preserving and updating locations within the workplace.4.      Address all material request documents.5.      Help with physical inventories, delivering documentary and administrative information to the material counting process ofthe logistics distribution center.6.      Post and review all revenue and exit entries.7.      Disseminate the correct process of reception, revenue and storage within the places indicated for effect (rack, shelves, patios, among others).8.      It supports the management of the winery, replacing the warehouse analyst with what makes medium complexity decisions.9.      Enter codes into the computer system by recording the quantity and its respective location in the system.10.  Comply with the working days, recording your attendance on a daily basis in the book or watch, and notify you in a timely manner of possible inconveniences.11.  Maintain an adequate personal presentation by wearing the corporate clothing delivered for such purposes.12.  Promote the good working environment within the team and cultivate the company's values.13.  Maintain a service attitude to the requirements of internal customers. DECISION MAKING:1.             The administration of the warehouse according to the instructions decides in the organization of its functions, for a better administration of time. INTERNAL / EXTERNAL CONTACTS:

The position requires the collaboration of the Head of Costs and Inventories, Cost Supervisor, Head of Warehouse Technical Assistant and Warehouse Operator.



. •         EDUCATIONAL LEVEL: Full middle education/Technical Mid-level/ at the end of the position.           

  • ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS: B-D class driver's license (if warranted)
  • LABORAL EXPERIENCE: At least 2 years of work experience in Warehouse.





For the performance of his duties the worker is required to move properly and safely.




The characteristics of the work environment described here are representative of those that an employee can find when performing the essential functions of this work. During the performance of the functions of this position, the worker is regularly exposed to:


  1. Moving objects (materials transported through the fork crane, pallet trucks, etc.).
  2. Particles in the air, fumes and/or gases in suspension.
  3. At noise levels.
  4. Team entrapment, hits with structures or tools.
  5. Parts of moving equipment or systems powered by some kind of energy and exposure to ultraviolet radiation.
  6. Exposure to the road environment by commuting to your workplace (work)

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