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District Sales Manager (Eastern Canada), Billings, Montana

Created 10/02/2019
Reference 59855
Category Sales
Job type Sales
Country United States
State Montana
City Billings


The District Manager is the senior operating manager of a region sales and operations center.  The manager oversees sales, operations and support functions for the district; with oversight of all selling functions, customer support, shop production and warehouse/logistics.  The District Manager is to have ongoing, dynamic and detailed knowledge of all customer sales activities – meeting regularly with region customers.  The manager’s success is summarized in their ability to meet budgeted and forecasted sales plans in the year. 


As the senior manager for the district, the safety record and performance of the team is the DM’s direct responsibility.


It is the responsibility of every H-E Parts International, employee to insure a safe work environment.  All H-E Parts International, employees share the responsibility to insure at the end of the day we return home safely to our families.  Our safe work environment value surpasses all other responsibilities.



  1. Safety – conduct all activities in a safe manner, utilizing PPE and adhering to company policy and alerting others regarding potential concerns. Safety is # 1.

Sales and Sales Management:  The DM is the sales person in chief (directly advancing all sales activities) and managing the districts PSR’s results to obtain budgeted forecasts.  Sales management, quoting and forecasting monthly, quarterly and annual results are the responsibilities for the DM:

  • Monitor sales call effectiveness (call, quote, order and closing ratios)
  • Ensure full product line is marketed and all opportunities are uncovered
  • Ensure PSR productivity – through coaching and management, the DM directly oversees field sales efficiency.

Customer Service Support:  The manager oversees local customer support, delivery, order intake and account coordination.

  • Direct employees to meet customer expectations and company objectives.  Ensure department is staffed to meet demand. Clearly communicate employee expectations and regularly provide formal and informal feedback regarding employee performance.
  • Maintain key metrics to monitor the performance of the CSR’s and coordinate with HEPM operations and Billings support team. Promote efficient and productive interactions between external and internal customers.  Ensure field account managers are supported with excellence.
  • Ensure all customer communication is coordinated effectively – including warranty administration claims, problem resolutions, credits (as applicable) and proper quote, pre-invoice and core return documentation. Ensure quality lessons are learned and resolutions implemented.
  • Ensure all logistics are performed with the highest efficiency, freight recovery and to customer expectations.
  • Order delivery compliance – maximize order accuracy and delivery compliance.
  • Regularly communicate upcoming demand with manufacturing to ensure maximized customer satisfaction and production efficiency.

Shop Operations: Oversee local shop rebuild and reman operations.  Ensure quality objectives are maintained, protocols followed and customer expectations met.

  • Directly manage shop manager / foreman to ensure productivity objectives are met
  • Ensure coordination with Billings engineering and shop resources are effective
  • Monitor shop KPI’s are achieved.

Warehouse / Inventory:  Oversee warehouse, logistics and inventory functions to ensure customer expectations are met and company assets are protected. 

  • Ensure orders are delivered accurately, timely and professionally
  • Monitor stocking levels to meet customer demands and achieve acceptable turns.
  • Ensure inventory control through weekly cycle counts, regular inventories and warehouse best practices.



  1. Bachelor degree in Business or related field
  2. 10 or more years of industry experience.
  3. A professional, ethical and exceptional work-ethic is required
  4. Travel requirements will average 40 – 50%


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