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Grinder, Billings, Montana

Created 09/09/2019
Reference 85823
Category Manufacturing
Job type Manufacturing
Country United States
State Montana
City Billings


The primary role consists of set up and operation of honing machine to hone hydraulic cylinder tubes of various length and diameter to specific tolerances and finish.


It is the responsibility of every H-E Parts International, employee to insure a safe work environment.  All H-E Parts International, employees share the responsibility to insure at the end of the day we return home safely to our families.  Our safe work environment value surpasses all other responsibilities.



  1. Safety – conduct all activities in a safe manner, utilizing PPE and adhering to company policy and alerting others regarding potential concerns. Safety is # 1.
  2. Conduct all activities in a safe manner, utilizing PPE and adhering to company policy and alerting others regarding potential concerns.
  3. Continuously strive to improve quality, efficiency, and safety standards.
  4. Perform daily scheduled tasks as assigned to meet production schedule and priority.
  5. Maintain material-handling equipment by completing pre-use inspections.
  6. Perform safe operation of forklifts, overhead cranes and lifting devices.
  7. Able to lift workpiece with hoist and chains/slings and secures it in fixture in a safe and efficient manner.
  8. Selects, aligns, and secures holding fixtures, attachments, accessories, and materials on machine.
  9. Set controls to regulate machining factors such as speed, feed, coolant flow, and observes machine operation to detect malfunctions or out-of-tolerance machining. Adjusts machine controls or control media as required.
  10. Inspects and measures part prior to, during and after grinding to insure tolerances are met.
  11. Ability to measure workpiece with precision instruments such as calipers, bore gauges, and micrometers.
  12. Perform Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) of work pieces to inspect for cracks, inspect condition of work piece to determine reusability and repair needs.
  13. Proficient in the use of dot welding equipment and material to achieve desired finish.
  14. Maintain / clean equipment and work space and tooling and assist in maintaining consumable materials on hand necessary to perform job tasks.
  15. Must maintain good attendance record and maintain the highest professional conduct.
  16. Performs additional duties as assigned.



Employment Requirements:

  • A high school diploma or general education degree (GED) is preferred.
  • Work experience and/or education in a manufacturing or industrial setting preferred.  
  • Ability to lift up to 50 lbs. is required.

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